My Five Favorite TED Talks of All Time

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By Jennifer Ward

1. Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are

In this TED Talk, Amy Cuddy gives insight into our body language and communication. She discusses her own path and how she arrived at where she is today. This is my most-watched TED Talk of all time.

“Fake it ’til you become it.” – Amy Cuddy

2. What Reality Are You Creating For Yourself?

I recently watched Issac Lidsky’s TED Talk, and I found his story to be very moving. He doesn’t just speak about struggles he has faced but how they have actually been a blessing.

“Hold yourself accountable for every moment, every thought, every detail. See beyond your fears.”- Issac Lidsky

3. The Art of Being Yourself 

In this TED Talk, Caroline McHugh gives some powerful advice on confidence and being yourself. As someone who has struggled with public speaking, I could really relate to this. She is truly an intelligent woman and a brilliant speaker. I could listen to her all day.

“Since that day, I have never been the center of attention. You’re the center of mine. And that is a very different feeling.” – Caroline McHugh

4. The Power of Mentoring

I love hearing success stories. Lori Hunt’s story is emotional and inspiring, reminding us about the power of mentoring. Her TED Talk made me think of my own struggles early on in college and how I overcame them. It also made me think of mentors I’ve had along the way and how fortunate I was to have met them.

“One day of mentoring, can change one life forever.” – Lori Hunt

5. The Power of Introverts 

We often value and praise extroverts for being outgoing and expressive, but what about the rest of us? Susan Cain asserts that a third to half of the world’s population is made up of introverts. Basically, that breaks down to one out of every few people you know. That’s a lot. She also discusses how we should reconsider undervaluing and underestimating introverts in the workplace. As someone with introverted qualities, I wholeheartedly agree.

“Go into the wilderness. Be like Buddha, have your own revelations.” – Susan Cain

Do you have any favorite TED Talks we can add to the list? Are there any videos here that resonated with you? Let’s start a conversation in the comments below.

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